Each of us has our own, True Story. One thing we ALL share is the CHAOS—the near constant challenge of juggling our overloaded lives in order to focus passionately on the pursuit(s) that offer refuge from life's storm. For some, the storm itself is their passion—see The Drivers' Weblog for more on the full, True Story (or to add your own perspective).


Think of life as a radar screenthen envision yourself as its center point. Various aspects of your life populate the screen, some closer to you, others more distant. You are your own flight controller—making passionate decisions as to whether friendships, marriages, careers, health & more are cleared for happy landings or on collision courses. Some fade from your screen, disappearing sometimes forever. Others mysteriously reappear on your radar years later—brighter and closer to you than ever, with the power to rekindle your passion beyond imagining.


For more than 30 years, Duke And The Drivers' music has shone brightly on each of their passion radarskeeping them together with a bond thicker than blood. Slipping from our eyes and ears at times in their own, mysterious way, The Drivers have never left the radar screens of their fiercely loyal fans. Growing from thousands in Boston & New England in the mid-1970s to untold numbers throughout the nation and beyond, Drivers enthusiasts maintain a constant vigil as they track the band's remarkable journey. Each time The Drivers re-emerge they exhibit fresh, musical maturity yet, always with their own particular brand of R&B at the core. Continuing to attract new fans of all ages, The Drivers surprise and delight with wildly original music and social commentary—infusing their audiences with a passion for this 'Party We Call Life.'


From their 1973 debut at the classic, Cambridge, MA "incubator" club, The Western Front to recording at Jimi Hendrix's fabled Electric Lady Land along the way, and most recently with renowned producer/engineer, Joe BlaneyThe Drivers remain avid students of life. The band sincerely thanks each & every soul with whom they have ever shared studio or stage.


The Drivers are exploring various music/media opportunities as their True Story continues to unfold—with many more, mysterious 'Twists of Funk' yet to be revealed. To learn more, please visit Discography, Chronology & Photo Gallery—find out with whom The Drivers have and continue to record, perform and keep company.