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Harder Than Before

Official Release Date: December 29, 2006


Harder Than Before is just that—The Drivers rocking
harder than ever while exploring musical genres from
blues to funk and other influences as never before.
The Drivers are joined by extraordinary guest artists
including some of music’s brightest lights—Steve
Jordan, Bernie Worrell, Neil Jason, Kenny White,
Bobby Keyes
and many more. Chris Berman of
ESPN lends to the effort, and the venerable Uptown
Horns are ever present. HTB was built one song at a
time— produced & engineered with great care by the
incomparable Joe Blaney (Clash, Tina Turner, B52s,
the list is endless). Featuring a fresh, new repertoire
of 11 “NEW classics” by The Drivers:


Harder Than Before / Just Aint The Rock / Funk All Over
The Place / A Mind Of Its Own / Loco-Loco / Automobile /
Sweet Soul Music / Angel / Brand New Love / Another
Kind Of Love / Prodigal Son
PLUS a truly fabulous redux
of 60 Minute Man.


Check Your Bucket LIVE

Live Recording, Fall 2003
(official release date) Dukedom Records 03A)


In this, their most recent release, The Drivers continue reaching out in their classic style of wildly popular, live performances to their growing, multigenerational audiences. The originally Boston-based Drivers returned to their roots for this live effort, remix engineered by the incomparable
JoeBlaney (Keith Richards, Neville Bros., B52s, Prince, etc.) and mastered by Bob Ludwig (Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc.) and featuring The Uptown Horns, having recorded and/or performed variously with James Brown, the late Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker and other greats.


Intro (to) The Will / I Got The Will / Check Your Bucket /
Love On My Hands / Come A Little Closer / Intro
Jack That Cat Was Clean / You Got Soul / Will It Be Me
Or Him / That Kind Of Love / Young Girl / Like A River / Country Corner / Ya Ba Da Ba Do
(So Are You) / What You Got



Duke And The Drivers ALIVE!

Live Twentieth Anniversary Commemorative
Recording. 1993 (Dukedom Records CD69691)

‘ALIVE! marks The Drivers’ initial foray into compact discs
from LPs, officially commemorating the first two decades of
music from the “Dukedom.” ‘ALIVE! introduced two new
selections to the Drivers’ song book of recorded material:
Look What You Can Get and Way Back Home—among their
many classics.

People Sure Act Funny / Check Yourself / Look What
You Can Get / Rock And Roll High / Check Your Bucket /
What You Got / Way Back Home


Rollin' On

Studio Recording, 1976

(ABC Records ABCD 942)


Rollin’ On was The Drivers’ popular, follow-up release
to their debut album, Cruisin’—featuring the band’s
initial recording of their signature, quintessential
anthem, the New Orleans R&B classic, Check Your
Bucket. Rollin’On continues evidencing The Drivers’
penchant for recording in production facilities
associated with some of rock’s greatest moments
—cutting significant portions of this LP at The Sound
Factory, Los Angeles.

I Need Your Lovin’ / I Ain’t Particular / Love On My
Hands / Check Yourself / That Kind Of Love / Let Me
Be Your Handyman / I’ll Take Care Of You / People
Sure Act Funny / Check Your Bucket / Rollin’ On

Single Releases

The Drivers released

Several singles from

their 1970s LPs,

Cruisin' and Rollin On'

during their early years

with ABC Records.


Studio Recording, 1975
The Drivers' PREMIERE

LP Release (ABC Records ABCD 911)  


Cruisin’ was a landmark in the advent of The Drivers,
exemplifying rock’s Golden Era of studio production.
Cruisin’ was produced and engineered by Eddie
Kramer, known for his similar, dual roles in the
success of the late, legendary Jimi Hendrix.
Additionally, Cruisin’ was recorded at Hendrix’s
fabled Electric Lady Land, New York City. Although
now a part of recorded music history, Electric Lady
is yet considered to this day to be among the
greatest rock ‘n’ roll recording facilities of all time.
Cruisin’ captured the early, raw essence of The
Drivers—as strong and spirited today as then.


Rock ‘N’ Roll High / I Got The Will / Slow Motion /
Ain’t Nothing A Young Girl Can Do For Me /
What You Got / Rock And Roll / Lovebones / Joey /
Like I Want It / Too Much Woman For A Henpecked Man